Golf Clash Broke $300 Million Mark in 2019

Golf Clash Broke $300 Million Mark in 2019

Golf Clash game is developed by Playdemic has finally managed to break the $300 Million mark in 2019. According to Sensor Tower, Golf Clash becomes the rage among the golf-loving community for its brilliant gameplay.

You can actually spend quality time in Golf Clash playing and learning new tricks which can help you in your actual Golf match. If stats are to be a belief, Golf Clash has more than 11 Million installs from Google Play itself.

With head to head competition with online players, this game is quite addictive when you know how to beat the opponent in the game.

It is previously reported by Sensor Tower that Golf Clash reach $225 Million in the month of Sep 2018. According to the report, Golf Clash has to gain a mammoth audience when it starts providing ads to a different platform.

Sources are to believe Golf Clash maximum revenue comes from the USA which contributes to 69% of the total earning. The UK comes next with 7.8% of the revenue of Golf Clash.

Awards for Golf Clash

Golf Clash got Game of the year award at TIGA Game industry awards with BAFTA in the mobile games category in 2018.

With more and more new players joining the game arena, It seems Golf Clash will now become the rage for the Golfing community which always want to learn a few new tricks.

Three Things which makes Golf Clash Unique

According to players who think Golf Clash is unique is on the super graphics and the gameplay which this game has employed. There are many new tricks which you can learn playing this game online which can help you in real Golf Course.

Learn a few new tricks such as

  • Top Spin
  • Back Spin
  • Curl
  • Ball Guide

If you learn all these new tricks, you are definitely going to excel in the game and score against your opponent.

All these new tricks can be used when you upgrade your Golf Clubs. One of the main earning points of the game is when you try to upgrade your Golf Clubs or when you want to purchase new balls for tournaments.

Depending on your Golf clubs you can hammer your opponent with few skills and win all those trophies. Golf Clubs such as “The Apocalypse” are the biggest game-changer in Golf Clash which has a perfect match of top spin, back spin, curl and has highest perfect weighted.

Upgrade Golf Clubs to win matches

One of the best tips to stay in the competition is to keep upgrading your Golf Clubs and other game items to win the Trophy. Always remember, you need to purchase a new ball every time you enter any big competition.

Balls can be purchased from the game store and can be used only for one competition after that ball will vanish from the game.

Keep Upgrading your Golf Clubs as you will find after reaching certain levels; you cannot win any match as your opponent will have shiny new Golf Clubs with more power.

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