Golf Clash 4 Strategies To Break Into Pro League

Golf Clash 4 Strategies To Break Into Pro League

If you are looking for Golf Clash game Strategies then we want, you to ensure that following our 04 Strategies will help you break into the PRO League of Golf Clash.

Golf Clash is a game of golf which is available in for both iOS as well as Android. You can play Golf on the Smartphone using this gaming app.

Golf Clash has incorporated many small games in which you can participate and earn a trophy.

Golf Clash has many tour and competition which you can enter to gain a trophy and chest.

Let’s look up for the 04 Strategies which can help you break into Pro Golfer League in Golf Clash.

04 Pro Strategies to break into Golfer Club

  1. Timing your shots
  2. Upgrade your Clubs
  3. Participate and earn trophies
  4. Get Goodies in Chest

Let’s check each point individually and get the pro comment on these to get into Golfer league.

1. Timing your shots

Golf Clash is a game of simulation, and you need to time your shot perfectly to get a hole in one. Here we also want you to remember that you will get a guide as a hit your ball.

All you need to do in Golf Clash is put a ball and back it little to get the shot. Remember, your needle should be in the middle align with the bull’s eye to make it perfect shot.

When you are a novice in the game, you have to improve your timing as your maximum changes of winning any game is to make it perfect shot.

When your ball is near your hole, the game setting will change, and you need to check for the path of light where the ball will travel.

Make sure you give the balance shot to the Golf Ball so that you did not insert more power and less power.

Pro Strategies: Timing is everything, and you should focus on this aspect first in the game.

2. Upgrade your Clubs

Use all your money and gems to upgrade or purchase new clubs in Golf Clash. If you want to win any golf clash tour, then you need to invest in new clubs.

You need to continually upgrade your Golf Club to stay in the competition, in Golf Clash.

Upgrading ensue on the many attributes which come with new clubs such as

  • Power
  • Accuracy
  • Top Spin
  • Back Spin
  • Curl
  • Ball Guide

Whenever you get new clubs and upgrade then you will get better power, accuracy and other attributes.

Pro Strategies: Upgrade your clubs to win all matches

3. Participate and earn trophies

You need to participate in tours to get a trophy in Golf Clash as these trophies will give you chests.

Golf Tours has maximum Trophies which you can earn when you participate in them. Check all the trophy and get a chest when you finish some of the tours.

  1. Beginner Tour – you will get 20 Maximum Trophies
  2. West Coast – you will get 50 Maximum Trophies
  3. Asia Pacific – you will get 100 Maximum Trophies
  4. 6-Star Hotel – you will get 200 Maximum Trophies
  5. World Links– you will get 300 Maximum Trophies
  6. U.S. Champions– you will get 500 Maximum Trophies

Once you have gain maximum trophies in the game, you will not get any more trophy in that tour. Instead, you will get coins.

Pro Strategies: Participate and earn trophies to get the chest.

4. Get Goodies in Chest

The chest is the main source of getting game goodies like coins, gems, clubs, and balls.

Chest in Golf Clast is given below

  • Wood Chest
  • Silver chest
  • Gold chest
  • Platinum Chest

Apart from these chests, there are king chest and Pin chest which has many epic cards and other items.

Pin chest in Golf Clash will give you rare cards which you can earn by 8 successful putts.

Final words

These are the best pro Strategies to get into the Golfer league, do not ignore any of these Strategies and tricks and implement them all to get the desired result.

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